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Prague Castle Cathedrals - St. Vitus's Cathedral, St. George's Basilica

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St. Vitus's Cathedral

St. Vitus's Cathedral is the largest and the most important church in Prague. Apart from services the coronations of Czech kings and queens also took place in it. The remains of provincial patron saints, sovereigns, noblemen and archbishops are interred here.

The cathedral's foundation stone was laid in 1344 by Emperor Charles IV.

There are many good examples of 20th century Czech stained glass and pieces of art.

If the weather is good, you can get great picturesque views from the Great Tower.

Visitors enter the cathedral through the portal in the western facade, opposite the passage-way between the Second and Third Courtyards of Prague Castle.

Its bronze door is decorated with reliefs with scenes from the history of the cathedral and from the legends about St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert.

Situated in the choir of the cathedral, in front of the high alter, is the royal mausoleum below which, in the crypt, there is the royal tomb. The choir is surrounded by a ring of Gothic chapels. Czech sovereigns and patron saints are interred in some of them.

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St. George's Basilica

St. George's Basilica originated as the second church at Prague Castle. It was founded in about 920 by Prince Vratislav I. Only the foundations have been preserved. When the convent for Benedictine nuns was founded in 973 the church was enlarged and reconstructed.

It is the best preserved Romanesque church in Prague. The facade is baroque from the 17th century though. There are tombs of Přemysl royalty. The acoustics make it a good venue for classical concerts.

There was reconstruction carried out after the fire which occurred in 1142. The present Romanesque appearance of the church comes from this time.

In the first half of the 13th century a chapel consecrated to St. Ludmila was added to the church as well as a portico on its western side. The Early Baroque period left its mark in the form of the present striking facade and the reconstruction of the whole convent.

The Romanesque interior of the basilica is austere and monumental. The tombs of members of the Premyslid dynasty of princes are situated in the main nave. The southern side of the choir is adjoined by St. Ludmila's Chapel.

The convent has a simple and soberly decorated Early Baroque facade. From the eastern branch of the cloister access can be gained to St. Anne's Chapel in the convent.

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