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Hradcany Prague Castle

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The Prague Castle area complex is visible from almost all major parts of the city and dominates the Prague skyline. Its a national cultural monument, the symbol of centuries of history and development of the Czech republic.

It was founded in the 9 th century it has been developing throughout the past eleven centuries. It is a monumental complex of various buildings representing all architectural styles and periods. It surrounds three castle courtyards and covers 45 hectares. Originally it used to be the residence of princes and kings of Bohemia and since 1918 it is the seat of the president.

Castle underwent four major reconstructions, the last one beingjust after the World War I, when Czechoslovakia gained its independence. Slovenian architects Josip Plečnik, invited by then president Tomáš Garigue Masaryk, mastered this reconstruction in 1920s.

Prague Castle is the seat of the Czech president (currently Václav Klaus). And for the most of the history, it was the official seat and residence of Czech rulers, princes and kings.

You can see Prague Castle Map here:



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