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Prague City Czech Republic Website - How it all started

Having seen most of Central and Western Europe, I had three travel plans for this summer.

Krakow and Warsaw in Poland – My Polish friend was planning to travel to Poland and offered to be a guide. Having someone with local knowledge and a Polish speaker was a tempting offer.

  1. Scandanavia. Particularly Norway with its great natural beauty is best visited in June/July/August as the whether can be very cold rest of the year. However it probably is the costliest country in the world, which took it off the menu.
  2. My trip planning to Eastern Europe was going on for quite a while and after some debate about Budapest ( Hungary), Bratislava ( Slovakia), I zeroed in on Prague.

Since no one I knew had been to any of these places, I relied on which place attracts most tourists, checking guidebooks and websites to see what I may like more etc. I think I made a good decision.

Prague is a city with ‘rustic charm’ like an antique. River Vltava divides the city with the overlooking hill and castle on one side and the charming old town on the other. Both sides are joined by several bridges notably the ‘ Charles Bridge’.

It is quite a bridge with excellent statues/sculptures on both sides from the 15 th century onwards. Since the sculptures were installed during several decades they represent the social and political changes taking place in what was then – Kingdom of Bohemia. Its construction started in 1357.

The city is an open air school if you are interested in architecture.

When I travelled to Prague, my plan was not only to do what I always do when travelling like taking lots of pictures, but also to collect information and write notes every evening so that I can give you first hand information about Prague via this website.

I not only took lots of photos, I tasted local food, travelled on local transport, picked up few words of local language, experienced the rain in Prague and now in the process of writing articles on this website. I hope you like the site and find the information on Prague useful.


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