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Travel to Prague City in Czech Republic

Prague is a city of Rustic Charm like an antique. When I travelled to Prague in June 2208, my plan was not only to enjoy the holidays in Prague, but also collect information and notes to make it available to you via this website.

I have been thinking of travelling to Eastern Europe for a while and had to choose between Budapest and Prague.

On this site, I have given some practical information on Prague City Travel.

I have categorised the information like Transporation in Prague- Air Travel to Prague, Travelling by train to Prague from other cities like Budapest, Kracow and other European Cities. There is information on Prague Trams - how to buy Tram tickets, Train schedule, Metro/Tram Maps.

Then I have also given information on major attractions in Prague like the Old Town, Charles Bridge, Clock Tower, Castle in Prague etc.

Prague Accommodation till give you information on where to stay in Prague - Apartments in City Center, Hotels etc.

Prague Practical Guide will inform you about Prague's Weather, Currency of CZK, Prague Maps and other Prague Travel Tips.

Any suggestions, do write to me at: ace_offers at


Prague Train Travel: Travelling by Train to Prague and Czech Republic. Travel from Budapest, Other cities to Prague, Trains Schedule, Buying Tickets, Main Train Station, Prague Trains, Train Passes.

Prague Maps: City of Prague Trains Map, Map of Trams in Prague City, Prague City Center Maps

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