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Weather in Prague

When we travelled to Prague in June 2008, following was the weather forecast for Prague’s weather on BBC.

Day1 in Prague was predicted to have some showers

Real weather – Drizzle in the morning and fine weather for the rest of the day with sunshine upto 9:00 pm

Day 2 weather forecast for Prague was, again, some showers. In real, it was cloudy for most of day with some drizzles

Day 3 weather in Peague was predicted to be heavy showers. In reality it was the best weather with sunshine from morning till night with not a cloud in the sky!

Having spoken to my serviced apartment owner, his answer was, see I warned you! The weather in Prague is very unpredictable so look at more than one source, look at the sky and see for yourself to confirm!

Joke apart, there was some element of truth in it.

Generally speaking June to August is a peak period with plenty of sunshine. However, it rains in Prague throughout the year with July being the least rainy month.

Winters and Autumn can be cold as in rest of continental Europe. Few years back (I think 2002), Prague had the worst flooding in 150 years.

During the winter it can get very, very cold in the Czech capital. December and January see
temperatures drop well below 0°C, although the city is extremely picturesque under a blanket of snow. It remains very cold until the middle of March and it isn't really until April that temperatures begin to rise.
July and August are the warmest months and this is when Prague is at its busiest. September is a nice month to visit, along with early October, although it begins to get very cold again towards the end of the month before winter.

Here are some links for weather in Prague:
  • BBC Weather Centre - Current conditions and five day forecast.
  • Prague Weather - Six day forecast for the city, including satellite map and webcam.
  • Weather Underground - Includes current conditions, 5 day forecast for night and day and historical conditions.
  • - Current conditions, a ten day forecast and satellite images, plus a temperature converter.
Prague City Center on a rainy day

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